Il posto: Denver Restaurant Roundup, Part 1

Il posto: Denver Restaurant Roundup, Part 1

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Denver Restaurant Roundup, Part 1

Beyond blogging, I’m a cooking teacher, food writer, caterer, certified sommelier, and just overall food obsessed person. That’s a bit like asking me who my favorite child is – I mean, doesn’t that change on a daily basis too? What I do know is that I love trying new restaurants, especially when they wow me, and I’ve been on a roll lately.

First up, Il Posto, run by the charming Andrea Frizzi from Milano (who kissed my on both cheeks to thank me as I left). The amuse bouche here is a tiny shot glass of Lambrusco, a sparkling rose sort of wine from Italy, and the gesture sets the tone for the food and service. Although we started with burrata, draped in thinly sliced prosciutto and garnished with basil leaves, we ate that so quickly I never snapped a shot. Andrea imports it from Italy, and it’s as good as I remember it in Puglia. My primi course was this springy gnocchi dish with peas and some pieces of braised beef. Light as a feather and delicious.

Next up, the most tender roast chicken I’ve had in ages, served with a wide variety of sauteed mushrooms and large crispy pieces of pancetta.

Our table shared an order of the bombolini for dessert – this little beignet type of dough, fried and served with a buttery vanilla sauce. Again, we ate that so quickly I only managed to snap the final piece before someone speared it.

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Watch the video: IL Posto restaurtant promotional video (June 2022).


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