Natural potatoes for dwarfs

Natural potatoes for dwarfs

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if your puppies can chew, they will definitely like it.
my baby is 8 months old today and papa f bn potatoes like that, I've been making them ink since I was 6 months old, when I saw that he knows how to chew, but I'm lucky because he never makes faces when he eats, I hope it stays that way :)

When is zacusca made? Summer or autumn?

We make autumn zacusca because it is cooler and the price of vegetables is the lowest. But many have vegetable gardens and can't wait & # 8230. In this case, prepare some of the ingredients in advance:

  • frozen eggplant or in a jar(see here)
  • frozen peppers or in jars (see here)
  • frozen pod beans (see here)
  • bean pods in jar (simple & # 8211 see here or in tomato juice & # 8211 see here)
  • Pumpkin in plain jar & # 8211 or in tomato sauce (see here)
  • dehydrated mushrooms (see here)
  • homemade tomato juice (see here)
  • homemade broth (see here)

The rest of the ingredients are permanently found: onions, garlic, oil, spices, etc.

Sarmale and polenta recipes

On holidays, Romanians do not forget the traditional sarmale and the hot polenta, turned upside down and cut with a thread. Sarmalele can be sour or sweet cabbage, in vine leaves, stuffed with meat or fasting (with poultry, rice, mushrooms).

Recipes for babies 8-12 months

Diversify your baby's diet from 8-12 months and provide him with the nutrients he needs. Discover us recipes for babies 8-12 months and drown them at home.

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One of the kitchen accessories that you should not miss once you have a child is the appliance for cooking.

Pasta is one of the most recommended solid foods for babies and is usually recommended to be introduced & icircn.

Zucchini are one of the healthiest vegetables because they are rich in vitamins C, A, B, K, but also.

The pumpkin soup is easy to prepare and will acquire a fresher taste due to the borscht. You can prepare it for anything.

Spinach soup is a hearty, tasty soup that can be easily prepared. & Icircn plus, it is very rich & icircn.

Baked natural potatoes with carrot and dill are the perfect combination for a flavorful lunch rich in those substances.

Natural drinks are ideal for your child's health. Along with lemonades and milkshakes, give it to your child as well.

Turkey liver pate is ideal in baby food. You can prepare it at home, and you can easily give up shelf products.

Asparagus and potato cream soup is ideal for diversifying the baby's diet, but also for a delicious family meal.

The moments spent at the table can become a real challenge when you are dealing with a whimsical dwarf who does not like it.

The frosty weather outside almost instinctively directs our thoughts and cravings for hot soups.

Diet for a healthy liver

If you want to keep your liver healthy, avoid fatty foods and do not consume more than one glass of wine a day! Although it can regenerate quickly, an improper diet or certain excesses damage its operation in normal parameters.

The liver is the largest organ in the human body, and one of its many functions is to turn nutrients into energy resources. Moreover, the liver has an important role in detoxification, cleansing the blood of toxins, heavy metals, viruses, parasites.

There are people who need special attention and careful liver control:

  • alcohol consumers
  • women taking contraceptives
  • patients who have had hepatitis or other jaundice,
  • patients with diabetes
  • obese patients
  • patients with high cholesterol
  • people working in a toxic environment or consuming toxic substances (including mushrooms, ethnobotanicals, drugs)

"Alcohol is one of the factors that damage the liver's metabolism. Yet, Refined sugar is considered more harmful to the liver than alcohol (The liver is harder to synthesize than a carbonated beverage than a beer). Also, trans fats - those used in the food industry to extend the shelf life of a product (the product label says "hydrogenated", "trans" and "partially hydrogenated") - may promote hepatic metabolism imbalances if consumed in the long term ", emphasizes the doctor Alina Teodoru for Gândul.

In addition, liver function may be affected by smoking, stress and lack of rest.

We may experience liver disease when we have one of the following symptoms:

  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Excessive drowsiness
  • Variations in appetite
  • Yellow coloration of the skin and mucous membranes
  • Feeling of weight (pressure) on the right side, below the ribs
  • Nausea, vomiting, usually occur at the onset of liver disease
  • Bleeding gums, nosebleeds (epistaxis) - in the case of chronic hepatitis
  • Swelling of the abdomen
  • Chronic constipation, associated with bloating
  • Feeling sour or bitter in the mouth
  • Dry tongue
  • Sometimes mild fever
  • Swelling of the feet (edema)
  • Symptoms of depression.

"These symptoms are nonspecific, they can be present in healthy people or in those suffering from other diseases. Consequently, an early stage liver disease is difficult to diagnose, so regular testing is required. Because liver problems can affect the entire metabolism, medical monitoring is absolutely necessary, even if the patient follows a strict diet. The liver produces some substances (albumin, amino acids, prothrombin, fibrinogen, cholesterol, bilirubin, etc.), inactivates other substances (ammonium, urea, etc.), and by destroying liver cells results in other substances that grow in the blood (transaminases, alkaline phosphatase, GGT, etc.) ", Says doctor Alina Teodoru.

Recommended blood tests to assess liver function:

- Hemogram / AST / ALT / Bilirubin / Prothrombin / GGT / Cholesterol / Albuminemia / Fibrinogen / Alkaline phosphatase / Virological analysis (HBsAg, HCV needle, HBV DNA, RNA-HCV, etc.) / Immunological analysis / Upper abdomen ultrasound / CT examination and MRI / Fibrotest / Fibroscan / Liver Biopsy, which allows the assessment of liver structure.

The diet does not cure liver disease (except for alcoholic hepatitis), but it is important because observing it does not overload the liver detoxification. The diet in liver diseases is differentiated according to the disease and the patient. Thus, for people diagnosed with cirrhosis, the diet is more restrictive, while for chronic hepatitis it is easier ", states the doctor Alina Teodoru, from the ProVita clinic, for Gândul.