'Classy Bacon Coffin' Available for $2,999.95

'Classy Bacon Coffin' Available for $2,999.95

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Bacon underwear and bacon bandages have nothing on this bacon-y product

Sure, we thought our roundup of ridiculous bacon products was absurd enough, but somehow this one blows all of those products out of the water.

Seattle's J&D’s Foods has created a bacon coffin, made out of steel but painted with "bacon and pork shading and accented with gold stationary handles."

Marketed for "those who love bacon to death..." (yes, they went there), the coffin is now available for for $2,999.95 at baconcoffins.com. J&D's has called it "Classy. Bacon. Coffin" in its press release, an oxymoron if we have ever heard one, and the company is urging people to not be fooled "by low-end, low-quality burial caskets."

This is, of course, coming from the makers of Baconnaise, BaconPOP, Bacon Ranch™ Bacon Gravy, Bacon Croutons, baconlube, Bacon Lip Balm, Bacon Soda, and so much more. Next up, bacon urns?

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