Bell pepper appetizer with tomatoes

Bell pepper appetizer with tomatoes

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  1. Tomatoes 3 kg.
  2. Carrots 1 kg.
  3. Bell pepper 1 kg.
  4. Garlic 4 heads.
  5. Vegetable oil 300 ml.
  6. Sugar 250 gr.
  7. Hot chili pepper 1 pc.
  8. Salt 2 tbsp
  9. Black pepper peas to taste
  10. Acetic acid 70% 1 dessert spoon
  • Main Ingredients Carrot, Pepper, Tomato, Garlic, Sugar
  • Serving 7 servings


Knife, cutting board, large pot, grater, wooden spoon, meat grinder, plate, bowl, tablespoon, dessert spoon


Step-by-step recipe for preparing a vegetable snack: To prepare a delicious appetizer of bell pepper, we prepare the necessary products with spices. Coarsely chop 3 kg. tomatoes for twisting in a meat grinder. We twist the tomatoes in a meat grinder and put them in a large enameled pan. We spread 1 kg in a saucepan for tomatoes. grated carrots on a coarse grater and mix. Put the pan on the stove, turn on medium heat and bring to a boil for 1 hour, boil, periodically stirring and removing the emerging foam. Pass 4 medium heads of garlic into a plate through a press. Cut rather finely hot chili peppers without removing the seeds and put them in a bowl of garlic. Cut into a regular cube 1 kg. bell pepper. After 1 hour, reduce the fire of the stove and add 250 gr to the pot with vegetables. sugar, 2 tbsp. salt, hot mixture of garlic with pepper, 300 ml. vegetable oil, black peppercorns and bell peppers Well mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook for another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, add one dessert spoon of 70% acetic acid to the pot and mix well for about 7 minutes. Put the prepared hot appetizer into sterilized jars and tightly cover with sterile lids. We turn the jars with the snack over and cover it with a warm blanket, cool it for 24 hours, then put it in the refrigerator or the cellar. We prepare it deliciously, simply cook it, prepare a delicious appetizer of bell pepper and tomatoes at home together! Bon appetit to all!