Lemon and Mint Lemonade

Lemon and Mint Lemonade

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  1. water 3 liters
  2. mint 4 sprigs
  3. lemon 3 slices
  4. sugar 1 cup
  5. citric acid 1 tsp
  • Main ingredients


Cooking method:

1. For preservation in a 3-liter jar, lay out sprigs of mint, add lemon, sugar and citric acid.

2. Pour boiling water and close the lid. Turn the lid down and wrap the blanket in the heat until it cools completely.

3. For lemonade, put mint in a saucepan, add sugar and lemon.

4. We put the pan on the fire, after boiling, cook for 5 minutes. Turn off, cover with a lid and leave to cool completely.

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