Cake without baking

Cake without baking

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  1. flour 250 g
  2. sugar 75 g
  3. butter 150 g
  4. salt pinch


  1. eggs 2 pcs
  2. starch 2 tbsp
  3. sour cream 500 g
  4. sugar 150 g
  5. vanilla sugar to taste
  6. butter 50g
  7. coconut flakes 3 tbsp
  • Main ingredients Flour, Sugar
  • Serving 6 servings


shape 18 cm


1. Mix the flour with sugar and salt.

Then chilled, frozen oil rubbed on a grater.

Handles rubbed into crumbs.

Pour into a dry frying pan and fry until golden brown crumbs on medium heat, stirring constantly.

Do not allow the crumb to burn or overcook.

2. Pour the eggs into the pan, add sugar, vanilla, starch. Mix. Add sour cream. We put on a slow fire and with constant stirring, cook until thickened. Add the butter.

3. Putting the cake together.

We take a detachable form of 18 cm, take parchment and grease the strips with vegetable oil and glue to the sides.

4. The first layer is sprinkled with crumbs and evenly distributed.

5. The second layer of cream and so on repeat the layers until it ends.

6. The last layer is cream.

Sprinkle with grated white chocolate or coconut.

7. Send to the refrigerator to cool better at night. So that the cream is frozen.