Vinegar donuts (cold)

Vinegar donuts (cold)

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The donuts are washed, cleaned of stumps and other damaged parts and put in a larger bowl (in my case, a large pan). Salt and sugar are made into a dry mixture and placed over donuts. Stir to cover the entire donut. Leave for 24 hours. In the meantime, the donuts will leave their own juice.

Wash the containers to deposit them. Peel the carrots, celery, portion. Peel the garlic. Place the donuts and ingredients after inspiration. I prefer celery stalks and leaves at the bottom of the jar.

Over the solution resulting from melting the sugar with salt, put vinegar and preservative and put it over the donuts. The jars are tied to the mouth and placed in the cold room.

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Jar donuts for winter & # 8211 best pickled or marinated donuts

Winter donuts in jars & # 8211 the best pickled or marinated donuts. Homemade pickle recipes. How are pickles made? How to make donuts filled with cauliflower or grapes? How to marinate donuts? How to make pickle salad with donuts or kapia peppers?

Many people ask us for donut recipes in a jar and, since we have more, we decided to centralize them here. You will find the recipe for donuts in cold vinegar (without boiling), the one for scalded donuts (marinated) and then put in a jar, donuts in mustard sauce (more or less spicy), donuts filled with cauliflower or berries grapes as well as pickle salad with donuts, peppers and onions.

The donuts are pickled in the fall. The donuts have a fleshy flesh and a thicker rind than bell peppers and their taste is fine and sweet. It is somewhat similar to kapia peppers but their shape is different.

Many people complain that pickled donuts soften excessively, become fluffy. If you follow our recipes you will find the exact opposite: the donuts in the jar will keep their beautiful color and texture (they will be suitable for crisps). If you live abroad and can't find donuts, then you will have to use kapia or kapia peppers. In summer or autumn I also use donuts for cooking: stews, pots, soup, etc.

In the following I leave you the "Collection of donut recipes" that we will update as we publish new articles.

Cauliflower with vinegar for winter (without preservative)

Remember the recipe for donuts in vinegar, WITHOUT boiling and WITHOUT preservative that I published on the blog last year about this time. I was telling you then that I have a recipe from my aunt in Brasov and that it is a recipe tried for years, somehow traditional in Transylvania.

Well, this year, we will put together, also according to a Transylvanian recipe, which I also have from my aunt, cauliflower with vinegar for winter, without preservatives!I am referring here to the artificial preservative, let's be clear, not to vinegar or salt, which are also preservative ingredients.

It's an easy, simple and practical recipe. It is a recipe in which we need vinegar for preservation, so it is not preserved in brine, as for example, in the recipe for pickled gogonele, which I wrote to you last week.

See below how to make donuts in vinegar, cold! Subscribe too! Click on the bell for news!

But let's talk and get straight to work so that the cauliflower has time to ripen until Christmas when we will use it as a garnish for a delicious steak, pork, rabbit, chicken, whatever we want.

Cold vinegar donuts


10 kg of donuts
celery root and leaves
3 l apa
1 l otet
3 tablespoons pickling salt
5 tablespoons sugar
boabe muster
Bay leaves
1 fixed sweet-sour spicy sachet
8 aspirin

Wash the donuts, clean the stalks and seeds and cut into pieces of the right size to fit in the jars as well as possible. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Wash the cauliflower, break it into small pieces and put it in a bowl of salted water to kill any worms. Boil the vinegar with water, salt and sugar, spices and spicy fixed.

After it has boiled a few times and the sugar and salt have melted, it is cooled in another bowl with cold water. We start placing the donuts in the washed and dried jars. We put on the bottom of the jar a few horseradish sticks, a celery leaf and then we start to place the donut pieces as close as possible to each other. We also intersperse the bunches of cauliflower, carrot slices, celery and donuts again.

On top we put a celery leaf, celery stalk and cherry stalks with which we press the donuts lightly in the jar. After we have finished all the donuts and the other vegetables to be placed in jars, we check the vinegar if it has cooled well, we melt the aspirins in a little vinegar, which we then pour into the whole pot with the vinegar composition and mix for homogenization.

Then we start filling the jars with cold vinegar, put the lids on and store them in the pantry. Then we wait for winter to come to eat them, next to a steak or any other food.

Pickled donuts in vinegar, without boiling

Donut recipe it's from her mother's notebook, which she made when she got married. I really like the recipe because it is simple to prepare, it does not require boiling and the donuts are very good like that! Plus, for the state I'm in now, it's a more than appropriate recipe, precisely because it's not complicated at all.

Ingredients (for 1/2 serving)

  • 3 kg of donuts
  • 450 ml of vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons coarse salt
  • 300 gr of sugar
  • peppercorns
  • Bay leaves
  • a teaspoon of preservative

We wash the donuts well, we clean them and we cut them in halves or pieces, according to our preferences. Then, I mixed the vinegar with the spices (I used spices for pickles from Fuchs, which I really liked) and poured it over the donuts. Mix well, cover the bowl and leave to soak for 24 hours, stirring occasionally. The water is not added at all, because the vinegar draws water from the donuts and so they will be in their own juice.

The next day, although you will certainly be skeptical of the idea that you did not put water at all, you will find donuts biting into the liquid! So, it's time to sterilize the jars in the oven or in a bain marie and build the jars in them, leaving about 1-2 cm to the thread of the jar. With a kettle, then move the jars with liquid, pouring slowly. Seal the jars, label them and put them in the pantry. From the quantities given above, about 5 jars of 800 ml come out.

In about 2 weeks you will have some super donuts, which remain crispy, are sweet and sour and only good to match with a beef salad or cut fidelity in belly soup!

Donuts in vinegar, cold

Cold donuts in vinegar, an extremely simple recipe that preserves the vitamins and minerals of donuts. Everything is done cold, without much work, the donuts remain crispy, hard, extremely fragrant.

The donuts in vinegar are not missing from our pantry. We always have at least a few jars. I really like cold prepared donuts, they have something in addition to scalded donuts.


Non-boiling vinegar donuts (cold vinegar donuts) & # 8211 a recipe without preservatives that will please those who do not have time to prepare donuts cooked in vinegar with sugar or honey. The neighbor of the block called them Bulgarian donuts. I knew from my mother that those scalded in vinegar are Bulgarian donuts, but I did not engage in disputes over this name.

Cold pickled donuts in vinegar, without boiling they remain crispy, beautifully colored and are very tasty. For this recipe you only need patience until you put them in jars. For recipe for donuts without boiling and without preservatives don't forget to buy horseradish. It is your help in this can! It gives taste and helps you keep donuts strong.

The stalls in the markets are full of donuts during this period, but we can also buy them from supermarkets as good and fresh. This is the ideal time to put cans. The abundance of vegetables and the fact that it starts to cool outside helps us to fill the shelves of the rooms, so that in winter we can consume our products that do not contain preservatives.

You may be wondering if this recipe is boiled donuts will it be what you want? Well, if we refer to the recipe hot peppers preserved in vinegar, we will see that it is practically the same thing. In addition, the recipe for donuts in vinegar without boiling (cold), has the help of horseradish that will keep the donuts strong.

The sweet and sour taste of these donuts is to my liking. My husband prefers pickles in brine, but I have a great weakness for donuts in vinegar.

Here is a picture of donuts after 1 year. They were crispy, strong and fragrant. They haven't changed color.

And, because this recipe has a common way of preparation, we have prepared a video for you. You can watch it at the end of the post. And, don't forget to send me pictures of the donuts prepared according to the recipe below. I will gladly publish them.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare it pickled donuts in vinegar without boiling and without preservatives & # 8211 donuts in cold vinegar


(for a 1.7 l jar and a 720 ml one)

60 g pickle salt (never)

Here's how we can prepare cold vinegar donuts: Put the sugar and pickle salt in a bowl (never) and pour the vinegar over them. Stir until the solid ingredients dissolve.

We wash the donuts under running water, then we remove the stalks and the seeds and we cut their fidelity. We put them in a large bowl and pour the vinegar with sugar and salt.

Add the pepper, mustard, bay leaves and the 2 pieces of thinly sliced ​​horseradish. Stir so that everything is well distributed, cover and let the pot wait overnight. It can stay like this for up to 12 hours & during this time donuts will leave their own juice, as is the case with jam fruits.

After this time we fill the sterilized jars in the oven with donuts. When we finish distributing the donuts in cold vinegar in jars, we pour the liquid left by them over them evenly. Why do I say equal? Because there is a risk that they will not leave much juice. If we are faced with such a situation, fill with vinegar to the base of the neck of the jar. Before closing the jars, add a dried dill flower. My cans must contain this ingredient.

Until winter, when you will be able to enjoy these donuts next to a steak, homemade sausages, meat rolls or beef salad, I wish you good luck filling the pantry with good cans!

How do we prepare the recipe for marinated donuts with onions?

Vinegar and sugar, oil, bay leaves and peppercorns and salt are boiled and in this sauce the donuts are cut into quarters or strands.

They do not burn much, only as long as they change color, 2-3 minutes. In the remaining vinegar add the chopped onion and the broth or tomato juice, let it boil, boil for another 15 minutes, turn off the heat, add the donuts, mix and put everything so hot in jars.

Put in jars of horseradish, celery leaves and carrot slices.

Close the jars well, put them upside down and cover them with beds for 2-3 days.

Tell me how it turned out, it's a wonderful recipe!

But don't spoil it with commercial broth, which is just starch and dye & hellip & # 128577

Marinated donuts are excellent with any fasting food or with any meat.

Let me tell you that I like it so simple, to infuse it with bread in the sauce. The donuts are crispy, the sweet and sour sauce & hellip is a no-brainer. & # 128578

I recommend you to try the recipe for stuffed donuts, you can see the jars in the picture below:

I didn't find donuts in Italy, so I asked my mother to make them for me and send them to me. You can strain the sauce and give it to the children instead of ketchup.


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