Raffaello candy dessert with sweetener

Raffaello candy dessert with sweetener

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Sift the sweetener into a bowl. In another bowl, sift the powdered milk.

Soft butter, at room temperature, mix it with the sweetener. Add coconut, almond essence and mix.

Incorporate the powdered milk, gradually, and at the end add the milk. I thought milk was necessary to make candies easier to shape.

Break the pieces of the composition, and put a hazelnut in the middle and make balls.

Roll them in coconut, immediately after making 3-4 pieces, do not leave them too long, because they will dry out. Place them in a metal box with a lid. Keep them cool.

Do you see how simple they are? You can try the recipe too!

Good appetite!

Healthy dessert for children: Avocado, banana and cocoa pudding

If you want to prepare a dessert for your child's birthday, try Natalia Madan's recipe, who shared on her blog the ingredients and how to prepare a creamy and healthy dessert: Avocado, banana and cocoa pudding.

INGREDIENTS - for 4 people:

  • 1 soft peeled avocado - about 1/2 cup
  • 2 well-ripened, peeled and sliced ​​bananas
  • ¼ cup of cocoa or carob powder
  • 2-4 tablespoons honey, maple syrup or agave
  • for decoration (optional) - pomegranate, kiwi or banana slices.
  1. Add all the ingredients in a blender or food processor.
  2. Pass at high speed for 1 minute or until the composition is homogeneous and becomes creamy.
  3. Transfer the composition in 4-5 glasses or small jars and leave in the fridge for a few hours.

Note: The dessert can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, but be sure to cover it with cling film to avoid dehydration. If the bananas are well ripened, then use only 2 tablespoons of sweetener or adjust according to your preferences.

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