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A good recipe to drive away your boredom and the children stuck in the house on a hot summer day. What could be more refreshing than a ship loaded to the brim with fruit frosted with a little caramel!

  • 2 bananas
  • 2 kiwis
  • 2 plums
  • 1 orange
  • 1 grape
  • 3 tablespoons sugar

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Cut the fruit into pieces and string on skewer sticks. After mounting the skewers on a partially peeled banana, sprinkle with burnt sugar. You can use any seasonal fruit or any fruit we have at home.

Valerian tea, sleeping pill

Dr. pharmacist Ovidiu Bojor

"Valerian acids are considered the main culprit for the sedative effects of valerian preparations. They act by increasing the activity of a neurotransmitter that inhibits the central nervous system. The action of valerian on the mechanism of sleep induction has been demonstrated by numerous clinical studies. Therefore, it is recommended in insomnia, nervousness, motor and sensory hyperexcitability, in cardiac neurosis and as a mild antispasmodic. Drink in the evening, at bedtime. There are no known side effects, no restrictions in pregnancy or interactions with other medicines. "

Anti-stress diet: anti-stress diet

anti-stress diet it can help you fight stress, and especially to avoid the occurrence stress with diet.

In a previous article we learned that, to a large extent, both physical and mental health depend on the daily diet we follow, so we can say that there is a relationship between diet and stress.

This is because diet is vital in treating and preventing many situations stress which we face every day.

Follow a anti-stress diet It is not difficult, especially because it is enough to follow simple and straightforward guidelines and especially to maintain a balanced diet.

How is an anti-stress diet?

Basically anti-stress diet must contain grilled or cooked fish and meat, cooked vegetables and fresh salads, fruit (whole or in natural juice), and vegetables, at least once a week.

As you can imagine to some extent, you should reduce your consumption of tea, coffee, salt and sugar and eliminate - or at least reduce - alcohol and tobacco.

It is also convenient to avoid those pre-prepared foods, chocolate, fried foods and fried snacks, red meat, spicy foods, refined flour and saturated fats.

More information Relaxing Vitamins / Relaxing Minerals This article is for informational purposes only. You cannot and should not replace consulting a nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted nutritionist. stressful topics

Meditation is useful for speeding up and facilitating recovery.

In addition to the fact that patients should receive more complete information, they should also know that some relaxation techniques that will improve the period. # 259 convalescence & # 539 & # 259. In America, private clinics have sprung up in which a family member can stay with the patient during the hospitalization period, take care of him or her, and take care of him / her. I make him feel at home, more relaxed. Stress reduction through relaxation techniques are introduced through courses available on TV & ndash in the patient's room. In addition to diet and medication, these innovative relaxation programs are an important part of the program.

Finally, the added medical value of an empathic physician or nurse who is on the same wavelength with patients who can listen. to be listened to and to increase our chance of healing for all, by making patients feel confident and medical staff happy that they are being listened to. 537 and liked by those I care for.

These findings demonstrate that patients' emotional needs are not met by the current style of medicine practice, with few exceptions. In addition to this, medicine must clarify its vision and take seriously the two scientific discoveries, namely: helping people in this way. # 259 & # 537tie & # 537i s & # 259 poat & # 259 s & # 259 - & # 537i st & # 259p & acircneasc & # 259 sup & # 259r & # 259rile: m & acircnia, solo & # 259tatea, depression, anxietatea sau pessimism. Children are challenged by their young intellectual abilities and emotional abilities, so that they become a habit of life.

Antistress - Recipes

Excessive stress is a sure way to look and feel older than you are. When stressed, the body releases cortisol, a hormone that lowers insulin levels, changes mood and increases the need to eat sweet foods.

Long-term stress increases the number of sebaceous glands in the skin. Which means the skin will produce more sebum. This can lead to clogged pores and acne, even on mature skin. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult for the skin to repair itself naturally. It slows down the production of collagen and elastin, which causes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, stress affects the barrier function of the skin. The skin thus becomes more vulnerable to aggressors from the external environment, such as pollution and harsh chemicals.

Personalized facial treatments in specialized beauty centers

Stress is an inevitable part of life. That's why it's important to learn how to manage it. Beyond the general well-being, controlling stressful situations brings real benefits to your skin.

Fortunately, there are cell recovery solutions with immediate effects that you can use in specialized centers. Non-surgical facelift to stimulate collagen and elastin, hyperbaric oxygenation with hyaluronic acid, hydrodermabrasion or microdermabrasion are non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments that you know you can rely on at any time. They are based on hundreds of medical studies and proven anti-aging results without side effects.

Here are some of the benefits of treatments performed in the clinic: faded wrinkles, cleansing, revitalization, energizing, deep hydration, vitaminization, rejuvenation.

Anti-stress solutions to be adopted at home

In addition to the treatments performed in the clinic, you can include in your routine elements that will help you fight and significantly reduce stress levels. The famous dermatologist of celebrities, Dr. Fredric Brandt, has left a legacy of some anti-aging recipes that are easy to integrate into our lives, no matter how busy they are. For example, start a practice of yoga or by meditation which helps you eliminate toxins through perspiration and relax your breathing and thus transmit more oxygen to the cells in the body. Give up foods high in sugar and gluten. Drink enough water daily, a green tea full of antioxidants and go to bed daily 10 minutes earlier. Choose your home skin care products carefully. Serums, creams and face masks with patented natural ingredient successfully completes the treatments performed in the clinic.

And don't forget, no skin care system, no matter how advanced, will be able to maintain the results obtained if you are not willing to work from the inside. Facial treatments performed regularly in combination with 10 minutes of daily care can mean 10 years erased from your face.

It's not just a cliché, your skin really shines when you feel happy and in balance with yourself.

Refreshing recipes with anti-stress effect based on honeysuckle or the Hand of the Mother of God

The Romanians know it as the Hand of the Mother of God or honeysuckle, in the cosmetics and aromatherapy industry it is called honeysuckle, and the scientific name is Lonicera Japonica. We meet it from the beginning of summer until late autumn everywhere, in parks and gardens, the green spaces of blocks of flats and occasionally even in balconies. The evening, especially, delights us with its wonderful perfume and reminds some of us of childhood, when our mothers taught us to taste its nectar. However, there are few who know, however, that this plant is not only meant to enjoy the sense of sight and smell, but also the taste.

Into the aromatherapy It is used for its anti-stress properties, but it is also good as a natural remedy for various ailments. It is important to know that only flowers are used in food, not leaves or stems. The fruits are really poisonous, so don't try to taste them, even if they seem attractive and harmless.

It has antibacterial properties, helps eliminate toxins, can relieve or even treat coughs and fevers, sore throats, abscesses, rheumatism, has a tonic effect, lowers blood pressure and helps reduce cholesterol.

In the beautification area, honeysuckle is useful to alleviate swelling in the eye area, various wounds and abscesses, acne or freckles. They are used for this purpose decoctions. The flowers are left to soak overnight in water, then the strained liquid is kept in the refrigerator and the affected areas of the skin are tamponed with it.

Infusion Honeysuckle has a diuretic effect, reduces headaches, nausea, soothes sore throats and inflammation in the muscles. It is not indicated, however, if you have problems with your stomach or digestion.

As an anti-stress remedy, they are used essential oils or perfumes. You can also prepare scented bath salt. Tinctures are considered natural antibiotics and can calm, among other things, intestinal problems.

Honeysuckle root It is also used for infusions, in remedies for joint pain, cramps, rheumatism or arthritis. It seems that this type of infusion also helps to slow down blood clotting.

Here are three recipes in which you can use this plant in food, with anti-stress effect:

Pomegranates - a short history

The tree that gives us this incredible fruit is the pomegranate, which blooms between April and June and can reach a height of up to three meters. Pomegranates originate in Asia, but are now grown in places near the Mediterranean Sea (such as the Canary Islands), as well as in South America, Australia and South Africa.

Traces of pomegranate use have been discovered even in ancient desert villages, and this fruit can be preserved for a long time. Practically, pomegranates were considered ideal for very long journeys.

The ancient Egyptians used pomegranates to make a kind of wine. At the same time, this fruit was grown in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and Hippocrates recommended it to treat high fever.

Pomegranates are mentioned in the Bible and came to Europe because of the Berbers. Mythology and popular beliefs centered around this fruit are very interesting.

For example, in Greece it is said that pomegranate was planted by Aphrodite. In the island of Java, this fruit is used in rituals associated with pregnancy, and in China pomegranates are offered to young married people to wish them a large family.


We've built several sets for the New Year's party. What did I put on them? Canapés. Which you can make for any party or for when you have guests and you want to keep them busy until the food is ready. Cream cheese spreads. Sweet cheese, cream, salt, pepper, dill, parsley, oil [& hellip]

Drum, sausages and other goodies

This post is more for my brother than anyone else. He lives in Spain and did not come home this Christmas. For this reason, I will tell you briefly, here, (and you too) about what my mother put on the Christmas table. In fact, on multiple tables, [& hellip]

Thank you very much, Cluj!

Update: thanks to a generous donation from a humanitarian foundation (Ioana Micu told me they don’t want publicity, that’s why they prefer to stay anonymous), we could extend today’s action. After we went by the two daycare centers in Cluj, we went to a senior home and a children daycare [& hellip]

Terra Romana roses and a Christmas story

Let me tell you: at Christmas, my father's mother, my grandmother, as it were, made some & # 8222 cakes & # 8221 that my mother took over (see what I get if I don't remember well the history of these cakes of flour, cream and butter, glazed with egg, sugar and walnut). These cakes are circulating in the family [& hellip]

Roze Terra Romana and a Christmas story

Let me tell you: on Christmas, by father's mother, my grandmother, used to make these “turtele” which my mother took over (I'm so going to get if I don't remember the story of these cakes made from flour, sour cream and butter, glazed with egg, sugar and walnuts). These small [& hellip]

Cozonac fluffy

The magic light, blah blah blah and other text messages will not keep me from feeling the spirit of Christmas, it will not keep me away from the oven and the good smells, it will not keep me away from the Christmas tree and it will not close the door on the eve . That's why (but not only) [& hellip]

Fluffy cozonac (Romanian sweet bread)

The magical light, bla bla bla and other text messages won't stop me from feeling the Christmas spirit, they won't keep me far away from the oven and great scents, they won't keep me far away from the Christmas tree and I'm not going to lock the door on Christmas [& hellip]

A sausage recipe

So that we don't have any more discussions: don't confuse the Back to & # 821790 program with the recipes I post on the blog. The program goes on, I'm increasingly absorbed in Tae Bo, but my readers are not guilty of anything and must continue to receive recipes as usual, [& hellip]

Grandchildren for Christmas

Cristian Gog is the one who came up with the idea. Of doing something nice and good. Of helping some people who don’t receive much help from other people. Then Raluca said it would be nice to help some seniors. Some of them have grandchildren, others don’t. And it would [& hellip]

Traditional sausages

I bet this post will delight lovers of pork and smoked and pastrami lovers, no matter what meat they are made of. I was also delighted by the basket full of smoked goodies that I received yesterday (special delivery from Oradea, executed by [& hellip]

Anti-stress therapies, for your well-being

Shoulder and neck massage It is done with light movements, like smoothing. It relieves tension, headaches and gives energy. Before you start, apply a little body oil and massage from the nape of the neck to the shoulders and back for about a minute. Because it's pretty easy to do, you can do it every night before bed.

Hot stone massage

In addition to relaxation, this method helps detoxify and, depending on how the stones are placed, can rebalance and recharge the body with energy. Take a set of special massage stones and prepare them according to the instructions. Once they have cooled down enough to hold them in your hand, you can use them in two ways: for active massage or for passive massage. The first assumes that the stones are easily walked on the back or on the legs and has the effect of eliminating muscle pain and activating blood circulation.
The second type of massage is performed by placing the stones in certain key points: to rebalance and give extra energy to the body, arrange the stones along the spine at equal distances. To ward off tension and fatigue, the stones should be placed on the shoulders and cervical area, and for relaxation and more flexibility, place the stones along the arm and in the palm. Before such a massage, it is good to apply a body oil, in which you added 2-3 drops of rose petal essential oil, known as one of the best anti-stress remedies.

Full relaxation in the bathroom

Almost every time we feel tense and tired we think that a prolonged bath is the fastest way to regain our well-being. Essential oils, dried plants, scented candles, diffused light and muted music & # 8230 all together offer the perfect recipe for relaxation and invigorating the body. Among the most popular herbs and essential oils used as anti-stress remedies are:
►Orange flowers are recommended during periods of stress, tension and prolonged fatigue. Put at most 5 drops of essential oil in the bath water or use it for aromatherapy.
►the basil & # 8211 fights daily stress, and specialists recommend it as a reliable help during periods of emotional disorders.
►lavanda & # 8211 clears the mind and restores balance. It can be used in combination with other dried plants. Put in a bag or gauze and immerse in warm (not hot) water.
►iasomia & # 8211 removes nervousness and mental fatigue and is a good antidepressant. Mix 3-5 drops of essential oil with a tablespoon of milk or honey and put them in the tub water (water temperature should not exceed 38º).
In addition, sage, rosemary, mint or chamomile are several other plants used for calming, charging the body with energy, regaining well-being, for free expression of emotions and reconciliation with oneself. Caution: baths should not exceed 20 minutes.

Sports and more walks

One of the most recommended anti-stress exercises is jogging, as it ensures a very good oxygenation of the brain and, in addition, keeps the heart healthy. Also, if you have the opportunity to enroll in dance classes, you will find out from the first session that it is an excellent way to relax and regain your good mood. If you don't have time to run or a weekly session at the gym, then you have the alternative of outdoor walks. At least 30 minutes of walking will improve your physical and mental health.
Material taken from Libertatea pentru Femei magazine

Physiological actions:


-Supports the functioning of the nervous system, helps to improve brain activity


-Contributes to optimal relaxation, helps support relaxation and mental and physical well-being
-Contributes to a normal sleep, helps maintain a healthy sleep


-Contributes to a natural sleep
-Helps to support relaxation in case of stress
-Helps maintain an optimal state of relaxation


-Supports relaxation, in case of nervous tension, agitation, irritability
-Helps maintain a healthy sleep
-Helps to improve digestive comfort in case of temporary stress

Presentation: 200ml glass container.

Natural bee product, anti-stress.
Caloric value / 240 grams: 740 calories


Keep out of the reach and sight of small children.
Preferably consumed before: see the date on the package.
Keep tightly closed, away from moisture and heat.
The product is a dietary supplement and should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption.

Precautions and contraindications:

Allergy to bee products and any of the components of the product.

Scientific Studies:

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