This Freak Show Burger is Actually Made with Funnel Cake Buns and Corn Dog-Fried Bacon

This Freak Show Burger is Actually Made with Funnel Cake Buns and Corn Dog-Fried Bacon

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Zombie Burger has really outdone itself with this fried, nightmarish tribute to ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

This burger has a face only Twisty the murderous clown could love.

Oh, Zombie Burger. The artisan burger spot in Des Moines is known for creating artery-clogging, borderline-disgusting burgers like the Hanukah burger, which is made of smashed beef and pastrami between two matzo ball buns. The burger lab’s newest creation pays homage to the latest season of American Horror Story: Freak Show, which wraps up on January 21, and it certainly is freakish.

Put a little macabre in your mouth with the Freakshow burger: two beef patties smashed between beef patties sandwiched between open-face BBQ spice funnel cake buns, and topped with s corn dog-fried bacon, battered cheese curds, Cheddar cheese, and buttered popcorn-flavored nacho cheese sauce. Just like so many characters on American Horror Story, this creation could kill you, but it would happen a lot slower, and would involve less blood and more napkins.

The Freakshow burger is only available on January 21, and can also be served with a Cracker Jack Shake: vanilla ice cream, Cracker Jacks, and caramel sauce (you can even spike this bad boy with vanilla vodka).

Watch the video: Cheese Stuffed Burger Dogs (June 2022).


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